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Titan™ Reverse Shoulder System

Limit uncertainty with the modularity of our Reverse Shoulder System

Possibility to switch from anatomic to reverse shoulder thanks to the platform system who allows the converting without the need to remove the stem.


  • Independently selected distal stems and modular bodies allow for tensioning of the deltoid without over lateralization.
  • 142° inclination angle of the Humeral Body allows for increased visual and access to the glenoid for preparation due to larger humeral head resection.
  • 5 mm independent central screw establishes centralized compression of the anatomically contoured Glenoid Baseplate.
  • Press fit (11) & cemented stems (5) adapts to a large range of humerus sizes.
  • 8 sizes of Poly Liners (Standard or retentive), 4 distinct thicknesses.
  • 5 glenospheres options, diameter 38mm – lateralization included.
  • Easy use instrumentation: All shoulder arthroplasties ( Total, Hemi, Reverse) with only 4 trays.


Reverse Total Shoulder System is indicated for: Use in a grossly deficient rotator cuff joint with severe arthropathy or a previously failed joint replacement with a grossly deficient rotator cuff joint. The patient’s joint must be anatomically and structurally suited to receive the selected implants and a functional deltoid muscle is necessary to use the device. The glenoid base plate is intended for cementless application with the addition of screws for fixation. The humeral stem is indicated for cemented or uncemented use and the humeral body component is intended for cementless use.


The following conditions are contraindications for reverse total shoulder arthroplasty:

  • Patients without a functional deltoid muscle.
  • Active local or systemic infection.
  • Inadequate bone stock in the proximal humerus or glenoid fossa for supporting the components.
  • Poor bone quality, such as osteoporosis, where there could be considerable migration of the prosthesis and/or a chance of fracture of the humerus or glenoid.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Muscular, neurologic, or vascular deficiencies that compromise the affected extremity.
  • Known metal allergies.

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