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Limit uncertainty with…


  • In situ telescoping shaft uses specific spacers to increase from 1 mm to 10 mm in 2 mm increments.
  • Accurate resection measurements: Radial Head Sizing Block included in the instrument set.
  • Specific and accurate instruments for both assembling and disassembling trials and implants.

These features allow the surgeon to recreate appropriate tension in situ in the supporting  ligaments of the elbow with an implant that articulates with the capitellum and sigmoid notch in an anatomic fashion. In addition, the modular design allows for radial head replacement without surgical disruption of the lateral ligament complex from the humerus.


  • Comminuted radial head fracture with or without associated elbow instability
  • Comminuted radial head fracture with associated failure of the interosseous membrane; the Essex-Lopresti lesion
  • Post-traumatic or primary osteoarthritis involving the radiocapitellar or proximal radioulnar joint
  • Primary osteoarthritis involoving the radiocapitellar joint or proximal radioulnar joint
  • Rheumatoid arthritis involving the radiocapitellar joint or proximal radioulnar joints
  • Revision of failed radial head implant


  • Inadequate bone and surrounding soft-tissues to accept and support the prosthesis
  • Infection
  • Open physes in the radius, ulna and distal humerus
  • Neurological, metabolic or other medical conditions that might compromise the bone, soft tissues or proprioception about the elbow joint
  • Known sensitivities to the materials in the implant
  • Avascular necrosis where bone stock has been rendered inadequate

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