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Limit uncertainty with the Universal 2™ Total Wrist System, second generation of wrist arthoplasty system with more than 15 years of clinical evidence.


The Universal2™ Total Wrist System is designed for substantial improvements over earlier generation wrist implants, including an optimal articular geometry that provides good balance and potential for early range of motion and early return to activities.

Features & Benefits :

  • A porous coated, titanium carpal plate with a fixed central peg and 2 variable angle screws, which creates stability.
  • A cobalt chrome radial component contoured to conform to normal distal anatomy for superior balance and motion.
  • A bevel on the ulnar side of the radial component provides the option to preserve the ulnar head.
  • Both the radial and carpal component stems have a volar offset to improve joint stability and wrist extension.
  • Beaded porous coating on the carpal plate and radial implant stem aids in osteointegration.
  • Minimal bone resection is needed to accommodate implants.
  • Broad ellipse-shaped articulation provides excellent stability and a functional range of motion.



The Universal2™ Total Wrist System is indicated for use in patients suffering pain and/or loss of function due to:

  • Traumatic Arthritis.
  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis.

SLAC Wrist The Universal2™ Total Wrist may also be indicated for use in the revision of a failed implant, in younger patients with articular joint disease, or in difficult situations where clinical experience indicates that other reconstructive efforts are likely to achieve unsatisfactory results. Use should be limited to those conditions where preoperative exam indicates sufficient bone stock for the support of the implants.


Contraindications for the use of the Universal2™ Total Wrist include any condition which would contraindicate the use of joint replacement in general, including:

  • Poor bone quality which may affect the stability of implants.
  • Severe tendon, neurological, or vascular deficiencies which could compromise the affected extremity.
  • Any concomitant disease which may compromise the function of the implants.
  • Infections; acute or chronic, local or systemic.

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