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Limit uncertainty with a safe and simple carpal tunnel release procedure


A two-component system that simplifies the “Mini Open” surgical technique while providing a high-level of control and median nerve protection.

safeguard legend

System features & benefits

  • An Instrumentation with a protective guide and knife SafeGuard™ Knife which provides high level of control.
  • A direct visualization of median nerve to define the “Safe Zone” for carpal tunnel release.
  • Procedure with no need for endoscopic equipment. The 2 instrument system reduces the Operating Room set-up time.


The SafeGuard™ Mini Carpal Tunnel Release System is indicated in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome and in addition to that, for those patients who fail to respond to a full course of conservative treatment.


Recurrenty after a previous carpal tunnel release.

  • Distortion of anatomy.
  • Repeat carpal tunnel release.
  • Neurologic defects.
  • Previous soft tissue injury at the surgical site.

Ordering Information

Each knife is provided sterile in packaging and is a single-use, disposable product.

  • The guide is non-sterile and must be removed from packaging and autoclaved prior to surgery.

Product Catalogues

Integra® SafeGuard™ Mini Carpal Tunnel Release System


08-0001Integra® SafeGuard™ Guide

Cutting Knife

08-0003Integra® SafeGuard™ Knife
08-0005Integra® SafeGuard™ Knives (set of 5)

Component Materials


316LStainless Steel as per ASTM A276

Cutting Knife

PE955IHandle Polyethylene
AISI.SAE 51440 ABlade Stainless Steel

Regulatory Information

For more information, please contact your Integra representative.
For complete product information, please consult product labels and inserts for any indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, precautions, and instructions for use.