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NeuraGen® nerve guide

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NeuraGen® nerve guide is an absorbable implant for the repair of peripheral nerve discontinuities. NeuraGen® nerve guide provides a protective environment for peripheral nerve repair after injury, and is designed to be an interface between the nerve and surrounding tissue and to create a conduit for axonal growth across a nerve gap. When hydrated, NeuraGen® nerve guide is an easy to handle, pliable, nonfriable, porous collagen tube. NeuraGen® nerve guide is supplied sterile, nonpyrogenic, for single use in double peel packages in a variety of sizes.

NeuraGen® is an absorbable implant designed for peripheral nerve repair

  • Composed of semi-permeable, porous, highly purified Type I Collagen.
  • Biocompatible, completely absorbable via normal metabolic pathways¹.
  • Flexible, pliable and compression resistant.
  • With open structure to facilitate suture placement.

NeuraGen® nerve guide Repair

  • Simple, rapid technique Vs. Conventional autograft.
  • Replaces the need for short gap nerve graft.
  • Tensionless repair.

NeuraGen® nerve guide is simple, safe and easy to use

  • Pliable and resilient once rehydrated.
  • Good handling characteristics.
  • Efficient alternative to direct suture².

1- NeuraGen® Nerve guide / NeuraWrap™ Nerve protector Brochure
2- Archibald, S. J., Shefner, J., Krarup, C., and Madison, R. D. Monkey median nerve repaired by nerve graft or collagen nerve guide tube. J. Neurosci., 15(5): 4109-4123, 1995.


NeuraGen® nerve guide is indicated for the repair of peripheral nerve dicontinuities where gap closure can be achieved by exion of the extremity.


NeuraGen® nerve guide is indicated for the repair of peripheral nerve discontinuities where gap closure can be achieved by flexion of the extremity.

Ordering Information

Catalog NumberSize Inner diameterLength
PNG1301.5 mm3 cm
PNG2202 mm2 cm
PNG2302 mm3 cm
PNG3203 mm2 cm
PNG3303 mm3 cm
PNG4204 mm2 cm
PNG4304 mm3 cm
PNG5205 mm2 cm
PNG5305 mm3 cm
PNG6206 mm2 cm
PNG6306 mm3 cm
PNG7207 mm2 cm
PNG7307 mm3 cm

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