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PyroDisk™ Interpositional CMC Implant

Choosing the Pyrocarbon Interpositional CMC implant helps you to limit uncertainty during your CMC replacement cases for young and demanding patients.

Design Rationale

The PyroDisk™ CMC implant is a biarticular convex disc made of PyroCarbon,designed to resurface the thumb carpometacarpal (CMC) joint damaged by arthritis.The implant and CMC joint are stabilized by the flexor carpi radialis tendon, transferred and passed through the trapezium,through the implant, and into the first metacarpal.

Features & benefits 

  • Minimal bone resection which helps to preserve the trapezium.
  • No Thumb shortening.
  • Open pathway to revision.

Available in 6 sizes:


SizeA. Disk DiameterB. Disk Height

After cyclical testing to 5,000,000 cycles, PyroCarbon demonstrated minimal wear into cortical bone*. The other materials exhibited extensive bone wear at 375,000 cycles with Cobalt Chrome, 50,000 – 75,000 cycles with Titanium and 25,000 cycles with Zirconia.¹

* Laboratory testing on bovine bone

PyroCarbon is Bone Friendly

The elastic modulus of PyroCarbon is similar to cortical bone resulting in biomechanical compatibility with bone. Unlike surgical grade metals, PyroCarbon transfers load from implant to bone more effectively, thus reducing stress shielding and potential bone resorption.²



The PyroDisk™ CMC implant is intended to replace the joint between the first metacarpal and the trapezium in cases of rheumatoid arthritis, traumatic arthritis,osteoarthritis or post fracture deformation or bone loss which present as either a painful, unstable thumb, or a thumb with limited range of motion.


  • Inadequate bone stock or soft tissue coverage
  • Previous open fracture or infection in the joint
  • Skeletal immaturity
  • Physical interference with or by other prostheses during implantation or use
  • Procedures requiring modification of the prosthesis
  • Skin, bone, circulatory and/or neurological deficiency at the implantationsite

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