PyroCarbon PIP Total Joint
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PyroCarbon PIP Total Joint

Choosing the PIP Pyrocarbon implant option to limit uncertainty during your PIP replacement cases for young and demanding patients.

Features & benefits 

  • PyroCarbon material with bone friendly, elasticity and durability properties.
  • Two cut design for proximal component to preserve collateral ligaments.
  •  Dorsal notch in distal component to re-insert extensor tendon and preserve natural anatomy.
  • Flexible sizing optionsColor coded instrumentation.

Properties of Pyrocarbon material:

Cardiac Valve 1

  • 40+ years use cardiac valve
  • 3+ million valves
  • 20+ million patient years

MCP Joint 2-3

  • 30+ years clinical experience.
  • No detectable wear.
  • Low friction bearing.
  • Cement free fixation.

Pyrocarbon is Durable 4

Bone friendly

The elastic modulus of PyroCarbon is similar to cortical bone resulting in biomechanical compatibility with bone. Unlike surgical grade metals, PyroCarbon transfers load from implant to bone more effectively, thus reducing stress shielding and potential bone resorption.5

Elastic Modulus (GPa)6

Elastic modulus of metal and ceramic are much greater than that of bone or PyroCarbon.


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The Ascension Silicone PIP Finger Joint Prosthesis is intended for cementless replacement of the proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint where disabled by rheumatoid, degenerative, or traumatic arthritis.


  • Active local or systemic infection;
  • Destruction of the metacarpal, phalanx, or phalanges or poor bone quality which prevents adequate fixation of the implant;
  • Loss of musculature, neuromuscular compromise, or vascular deficiency in the affected finger;
  • Growing patients with open epiphyses
  • Patients with high activity levels; and
  • Patients unwilling or unable to comply with physician’s instructions.

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