MAYFIELD® Ultra 360 Patient Positionning System
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Mayfield® Ultra 360 patient positioning system (A2009)

Limit uncertainty with…

New Support/Mounting device that facilitates attachment of MAYFIELD® Skull Clamps and Headrest System (A-1012) to the OR table.

  • Independent rotating and self-locking handles allow more fluid and flexible movement to achieve the desired skull clamp position.
  • Easier, more fluid movement for quicker skull clamp positioning.
  • Two double-cam action locking handles for easier opening and closing ensure quick and secure attachment.
  • Set-up time is reduced thanks to the quick action handles.
  • More flexible movement with increased rotation for additional degrees of freedom.
  • Unit can be placed in the reverse position to allow more reach and added height.
  • Both a standard 360 Swivel Adaptor and a 360 Tri-star Swivel Adaptor are included.


  • Skull surgery,
  • Craniotomy,
  • DBS,
  • Brain tumors,
  • Neurological disorders,
  • Aneurysm clipping…



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