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MAYFIELD® Skull Pins

Limit uncertainty with a large range of skull pins for a rigid cranial fixation.

Reusable Skull Pins

Fit all MAYFIELD® skull clamps to allow rigid cranial fixation.

  • Black O-ring connotes a reusable product and allows a good fit in receptacle holes.
  • Pediatric skull pins: Pinpoint reduced to control penetration.
  • Titanium skull pins: designed and tested for use in MR systems up to 3.0 Tesla (T)*.
  • Packaging: supplied individually and non-sterile.

Disposable Skull Pins

Fit all MAYFIELD® Skull Clamps to allow rigid cranial fixation.

  • Red O-ring connotes a disposable product and allows a good fit in receptacle holes.
  • Black plastic base connotes a disposable product and body “wings” design improves fitting into receptacle holes of all MAYFIELD® skull clamps:
    – Finger grooves molded into the pin body facilitate sure grip and easy removal from pin holders.
  • Pediatric skull pins: pinpoint reduced to control penetration.
  • Packaging: 12 sets of 3 sterile pins per box (36 pins).
  • Titanium disposable skull pins: designed and tested for use in MR systems up to 3.0 Tesla (T)*.

Radiolucent Disposable Skull Pin – A2020

  • Designed and tested for use in MR systems up to 3.0 Tesla (T)* and engineered from synthetic Sapphire material to limit artifact during CT and MR imaging.
  • Packaging: 3 sterile pins per boxes.

* These skull pins are MR conditional according to terminology specified in the American Society for testing and Materials (ASTM) International. Designation: F2503-05. See product instructions for use for conditions.


MAYFIELD® Adult/Pediatric Reusable and Disposable Skull Pins are used in conjunction with all generations of MAYFIELD® brand skull clamps, MAYFIELD® brand Radiolucent skull clamps and the Improved GARDNER brand skull clamp (REF A-1035) when rigid skeletal fixation is required. Reusable skull pins are removable for sterilization and reuse.
MAYFIELD® Radiolucent Skull pin (A2020) are intended for use with a skull clamp that is placed on the patient’s skull to hold the head and neck in a particular position during surgical procedures where rigid skeletal fixation is desired and intra-operative CT or MR imaging is used.


Do not use for other indications than the ones specified in the instructions for use.

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