MAYFIELD® NeuroGen Adaptor A1113
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MAYFIELD® NeuroGen Adaptor (A1113)

Limit uncertainty with…

Support/Mounting device that allows attachment of base units to the OR table when receptacle holes are absent or inappropriate.

  • Fits a wide variety of table widths.
  • Easily attaches to OR table side rails.
  • Quick, adjustable end bracket to fit a wide range of table widths.
  • Provides greater lateral adjustment with multiple mounting holes for base unit attachment.
  • Several holes to better laterally adjust the set up of the system.



  • Skull surgery,
  • Craniotomy,
  • DBS,
  • Aneurysm,
  • Brain tumors,
  • Neurological disorders,
  • Aneurysm clipping,
  • Paediatric Neurosurgery,
  • Non invasive procedures…



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