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MAYFIELD® Base Units

Limit uncertainty with more than 45 years of Cranial Stabilization & Accessories equipment.

MAYFIELD® Base Units facilitate attachment of MAYFIELD® Skull Clamps or Headrest Systems to the operating room table.

MAYFIELD® Ultra Base Unit – A2101

  • Standard base unit with ease of adjustments.


MAYFIELD® Ultra 360 Patient Positioning System – A2009

  • Independent rotating and self-locking handles provide freedom for better connection to the desired skull clamp position.
  • The unit can be placed in the reverse position to provide added height.
  • Unit can be placed in the reverse position to provide added height. movement with added rotation for additional degrees of freedom.


MAYFIELD® Spine Table Adaptor Metal – A2600M

  • The Spine Table Adaptor connects MAYFIELD® Skull Clamps or Horseshoe Headrests to specialty spine tables.
  • Compatible with metal swivel adaptors, skull clamps and horseshoe headrests.
  • Easy attachment to the rails thanks to lock knobs.

spine table adaptator copie


MAYFIELD® Base Units are designed for patient positioning in the prone, supine, lateral and sitting positions.


Do not use for other indications than the ones specified in the instructions for use.

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