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MAYFIELD® Infinity System

Limit uncertainty with our versatile Cranial Stabilization System.

MAYFIELD® Infinity System

  • Provides cranial support for both Adult and Pediatric patients.
  • Creates a complete head support method by using simultaneously a skull clamp AND a horseshoe headrest

Infinityskullclampsystem opacite

MAYFIELD® Infinity Coupler – 419B1010

  • Coupler easily mounts to any MAYFIELD® Base Unit.
  • Head supports can be adjusted vertically and laterally for flexibility in patient positioning, then locked in place.
  • Position of head support can be tilted on ball socket joint and locked in place.


MAYFIELD® Infinity Horseshoe Headrests – Adult (419A1031) / Pediatric (419A1030)

  • Provides non-invasive cranial support for adults, children and infants in either prone or supine positions.
  • Adjustable pad base (faceplates) accommodates various head sizes.
  • Supple fluid resistant gel pads provide comfort and reduce the incidence of pressure necrosis.
  • Easily locked in place.

MAYFIELD® Infinity General Purpose Headrest – 419A1050

  • Provides non-invasive cranial support in either supine or semi-sitting procedures.
  • Mini gel pads can be positioned in multiple receptacles and can be tilted on their hinges.
  • Mini gel pads can be used in all MAYFIELD® skull clamp pin carriers for pinless stabilization.
  • The use of mini gel pads in MAYFIELD® skull clamp pin carriers can be used in conjunction with a horseshoe headrest thanks to the Infinity Support coupler A1112.


MAYFIELD® Infinity Skull Clamp – A1114

  • Multiple, quick-change, snap-in rocker arm options provide the ability to match the stabilization points to the size of the patient’s head for optimal fixation and surgical access.
  • Multiple rocker arm options: Adult, Pediatric and single pin accessory.
  • Two torque screw options (80lb – +/-36kg & 18lb – +/- 8kg) to assist in providing the desired amount of pressure for the patient and the procedure.
  • No tools are needed to change rocker arms. 



The MAYFIELD® Infinity Support System is a headrest support device that attaches to any MAYFIELD® Base Unit Support Rods (A2101 or older models), creating a method for simultaneous application of a Headrest (adult, pediatric, or general purpose) and a Skull Clamp (ages 5+).
The MAYFIELD® Infinity Skull Clamp (A1114) is placed on the patient’s skull to hold their head and neck in a particular position when rigid fixation is desired. The skull clamp is indicated for use in open and percutaneous craniotomies as well as spinal surgery when rigid fixation is necessary. The accessories provided with the skull clamp also allow it to be used where stabilization is desired instead of complete fixation.


Do not use for other indications than the ones specified in the instructions for use.

Ordering Information

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Parc technologique de la Porte des Alpes
69800 Saint Priest • FRANCE
Phone: +33 (0)4 37 47 59 00 • fax: +33 (0)4 37 47 59 99

Product Catalogues

MAYFIELD® Infinity support System (A1112) includes*:

ComponentsCatalog #Quantity
Infinity Support Coupler419B10101
Horseshoe – Pediatric419A10301
Horseshoe – Adult419A10311
Horseshoe – General Purpose419A10501
Mini Gel Pad for General Purpose419A10482
Storage Case (not pictured)419A10601

* Any of the above components may be ordered separately

ComponentsCatalog #Quantity
Pediatric – Left440C10111
Pediatric – Right440C10121
Adult – Left41C14441
Adult – Right41C14451
Mini Gel Pad for General Purpose419A10481

MAYFIELD® Infinity Skull Clamp System (A1114) includes*: 

ComponentsCatalog #Quantity
Infinity Skull ClampA11141
Adult Rocker Arm419B12041
Child’s Rocker Arm419B12051
Triad Rocker Arm419B12061
Single Pin Accessory419A12071
Reduced Load 18-lb
(+/- 8kg) torque screw
80-lb (+/- 36kg) Torque Screw419A12091
Adjustment Wrench41A14821
Storage Case (not pictured)419A12501

* Any of the above components may be ordered separately

Regulatory and Legal Information

For more information, please contact your Integra representative.
For complete product information, please see the Instructions for Use accompanying each product.