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MAYFIELD® Skull Clamps

Limit uncertainty with more than 45 years of Cranial Stabilization & Accessories equipment.

MAYFIELD® Skull Clamps provide 3-point cranial fixation in the prone, supine, lateral and sitting position.

MAYFIELD®2 skull clamp – A3059

  • Only one hand needed to disengage and smoothly slide the ratchet arm.
  • Design based on Mayfield skull clamp (A1059) to provide 3-point rigid cranial fixation.
  • Withstand autoclave high temperature (from 132 to 137°C) and a wide range of pH detergents (from pH 3 to 11).


MAYFIELD® Modified Skull Clamp – A1059

  • Flexibility in positioning skull pins around critical areas.
  • Quick-release lock.

MAYFIELD Modified skull clamp

MAYFIELD® Infinity Skull Clamp – A1114

  • Added length and curved contours of the skull clamp uprights allow clamp to better interface with the horseshoe headrests of the Infinity Support System.
  • Multiple rocker arm options: Standard, Triad, Pediatric, Single-pin.
  • Adult 80 lb (+/- 36kg) and pediatric 18 lb (+/-8kg) Torque Screw options.


MAYFIELD® Triad Skull Clamp – A1108

  • Provides visual indication of clamping force on ALL THREE skull pins.
  • Ability to adjust the force on ALL THREE skull pins with the adjustment wrench.
  • Equal impingement of pins ensures firm skull positioning and fixation.

MAFIELD Triad Skull Clamp

MAYFIELD® 2000 Skull Clamp – A2000

  • Streamlined body design and low profile single pin side facilitates exposure to the operative site.
  • Swivel rocker arm mechanism permits flexibility in patient positioning.

MAYFIELD 2000 skull clamp


MAYFIELD® Skull Clamps are designed to give rigid skeletal fixation and allow the surgeon more freedom in positioning the fixation pins.


Do not use for other indications than the ones specified in the Instruction Manual.

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